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Just thought I would mention that my site CITYfOOD4u is listed at number one on Web Wombat using the keyword "search engine optimization" - thanks to SEO DIY. 


Jim Hammond

Since I ordered your "SEO DIY" my site position has moved up twice in less than a month. I've moved up more than 200,000 positions, and rising. I'm still teaching myself how each one works; my wife uses “SEO DIY." She handles the submissions. She likes it a lot. I'm real pleased with CITYFOOD4U quality software. That's why I'm an MEMBER.

Best Regards to everyone at CITYFOOD4U.

Ron Cunliffe

Talk about great program. I did help my friend to fix his website and make it search engine friendly. From no ranking on the engines at all to top ranking (No 1) on the word "MOBILEHAIRBEAUTY" (its ENGLISH for a women working with Hair and beauty products) on Yahoo and Google.

This using SEO DIY

That’s fantastic!!




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